Episode 4 – The Watercolouress


May 1, 2013 by Scheurkogel

Episode 4:

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This month, we focus our sights and speak to a solitary artist about an artistic form that began in paleolithic caves, was refined in the high days of the Rennaissance, and persists in Elementary schools throughout the world.

It’s watercolour painting, and to guide us in our exploration, we have contacted one of its brightest young pupils.

Renee Nault

Renee Nault is a Canadian artist who operates out of Victoria, BC. She works primarily in watercolour and ink, using crisp lines to reign in the dynamic nature of the paint. Her art has appeared in magazines, advertisements, books, and periodicals such as The Los Angeles Times.

Autumn Walk - Renee Nault

Her current focus is on an original graphic novel called Witchling, which she is both writing and illustrating.

More of her work can be found at

High Ground - Renee Nault






On the contest front, it turns out that watercolours are a merciless and unforgiving medium that require a great deal of foresight and planning to use properly. Hooray.

Neither host had ever used watercolours outside of grade school art class, so this was a tricky test of skill. Overcoming adversity though, Moss and Taylor each produced a work of art using paint and ink to be judged by Renee. The illustrations are shown below, but Renee’s verdict is locked away in the depths of the audio file that you can conveniently hear or download at the top of this page.

Taylor’s Painting

Watercolour - Taylor Arseneault

Moss’ Painting

Watercolour - Moss ScheurkogelThis episode’s soundtrack includes the following track by OLAV:

(Renee’s theme)


3 thoughts on “Episode 4 – The Watercolouress

  1. Laura Bifano says:

    Lovely interview with a lovely person!

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  3. […] Episode 4: The Watercolouress “I thought Renee was really charming. And her art is spectacular!” […]

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