Episode 5 – The Bride and Groom


June 1, 2013 by Scheurkogel

Episode 5:

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This month we bring you a very special episode of We’re Gonna Make It. The perfectly aligned celestial bodies of “there’s a big event in our future” and “oh my god we have no time to make a podcast this month” have conspired to bring you this, our first (and I’m guessing only)…

We’re Gonna Make It

Wedding Spectacular

Moss and Taylor Reading

I’m marrying my co-host tomorrow, on June 2nd. And as such, neither of us had any time to put a proper episode of this show together. You think we just roll this garbage out in a day?

We realized though, that over the course of our 15-month engagement, we had ourselves become experts in a very exclusive niche field. That is to say, the planning and preparation of our own wedding.

So this month, we talk about the myriad crafts and artistic endeavours we undertook to create our wedding decorations, invitations, and more. As much as possible, we DIY-ed wherever we could, partially to save money but mostly to make our wedding a singular event that reflected our own personalities as closely as possible.

To hear all about our handmade nuptual garnishes, have a listen to the episode. Or have a look below for a few select images of our crafts.

Save The Dates

Showcasing our exuberant use of fonts inspired by both Zelda and The Lord of the Rings.

Moss and Taylor Save the Date


This was the background Moss drew for the invites, inspired by a map of Quadra Island drawn by Hilary Stewart. The faded sections are where words were to be overlaid.

Moss and Taylor Invite Quadra Map

Table Decorations

From left to right: Douglas Fir tray, candle holder w/sand, flower vase, inukshuk pie toppers, favour boxes with washi tape, escort stones for place settings. Not shown are the pie server and the larger inukshuks.

Moss and Taylor Table Decorations

This episode’s soundtrack features the Marriage of Figaro Overture by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:


One thought on “Episode 5 – The Bride and Groom

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