Episode 6 – The Illustrator

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July 1, 2013 by Scheurkogel

Episode 6:

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I hope you liked our previous episode on illustration (See Episode 4 with Renee Nault) because this month we dig that freshly buried horse right back up and beat it until flies come out.

impasse - laura bifano

laura bifano

Our guest this month is the mildly sinister Laura Bifanowho took better use of our “explicit” rating than any of our previous guests – even the chefs, which I find quite surprising. It also appears that Taylor and I have met Laura before, but none of us remembered it until part-way through the interview when we discovered a previously unrealized link between our lives. Fateful!

Laura bobs between Victoria and Vancouver as she pursues her work as a freelance illustrator, and routinely provides work for magazines, studios, and art shows across North America. Her portfolio can be found at

Badger - laura bifano

“Badger” from the Menagerie Series

multiverse laura bifano

“Encounters at the Edge of the Multiverse”


The contest Laura subjected to us in this episode had a rather psychological slant to it and once again forced us to contend with an unfamiliar medium.

I won’t spoil the episode any further, but I will say that the contest had a great deal to do with this oddity that Laura painted for a 2012 art show at the AGGV.

cube portrait

“Alain” from the Cube Portrait Series

As always, we will post our competition pieces below, but do yourself a favour and listen to the episode before you look at them!



Competition Pieces

Moss’ Painting

(Turns out that a picture drawn in pastel is still called a painting. Huh.)

Pastel Cube Game Taylor

Taylor’s Painting

Pastel Cube Game Moss


This episode’s soundtrack includes the following tracks by OLAV:

(Laura’s Theme)

(Encounters at the Edge of the Multiverse Ambiance)


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