Episode 7 – The Red Mage

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August 1, 2013 by Scheurkogel

Episode 7: Download Episode 7 (right click and choose Save Link As…)

This month on We’re Gonna Make It! our focus is less on medium and more on method. Our guest is most prominently a comic artist, but she is also an illustrator, a writer, a feltcrafter, a soapmaker, a chef, a sculptor, and an aspiring organic farmer. But above all these other titles to choose from, our guest, Sydney More, prefers to identify with this little fellow: red-mage If you’re like Taylor, you’ll need to listen to the episode to really understand the reference. redmage_sydneymore

Sydney More’s work can be seen through her tumblr at Her Homo Erectus comic series can be found at The Paltry Sapien, and she usually can be spotted at a variety of comic art festivals. mermaidcomic

Phillipine_Eagle - Sydney More

Keeping in line with the diverse nature of Sydney’s portfolio, this month Taylor and Moss embarked on a rather lengthy exploration of many different artistic mediums. After thirty days of experimentation, each host selected five of their finished pieces to lay at Sydney’s feet for the inevitable judgement.

Competition Pieces

Taylor’s Artwork

Taylor - CobblerTaylor - The Border

Taylor - Pastel Owl

Taylor - Paper CardTaylor - The Forever Pirate

Moss’ Artwork

Moss - Pastel AppleMoss - ArrowsMoss - Tarp MapMoss - Buddha BoardMoss - Tasting Notes

This episode’s soundtrack includes tracks from Final Fantasy, composed by Nobuo Uematsu.


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