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September 1, 2013 by Scheurkogel

There will be no September episode of We’re Gonna Make It!, because of this:


Hosts Taylor and Moss are going on their honeymoon to Scotland, presumably to be with this cow that came up in one of the first Google Image Search results for the phrase “we’re going to Scotland please show me a picture.”

In lieu of new content this month, why not listen to some classic episodes and peruse through a few of Moss and Taylor’s favourite episodes from the past seven months.


Taylor’s Holiday Filler Episode Choice:

Episode 4: The Watercolouress
“I thought Renee was really charming. And her art is spectacular!”


Moss’ Holiday Filler Episode Choice:

Episode 2: The Chef and the Cook
“Colton does a good deadpan. This is not a cooking joke.”


Or to be topical, you can relive the memory of Taylor and Moss’ wedding with Episode 5: The Bride and Groom!

Reverse Bon Voyage!

~Moss and Taylor


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