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We’re Gonna Make It is a monthly podcast about art and the creative drive. Every episode, Moss and Taylor speak with artists about the passions that rule their lives. Some of these guests have succeeded in making a living off their work, but more often than not we find people who have made sacrifices to continue creating. Why? Because they gotta’!

Every episode also sees the hosts going head to head in a ruthless battle of wits and talent. With each new genre of art explored, Moss and Taylor will try very hard to pull off that artwork better than the artists themselves. Don’t get your hopes up.

About the hosts:

5 Kristy's by Taylor

Moss Scheurkogel is a writer, teacher, and I guess a podcast producer now. He’s named after a plant, and that’s fine. You can move on. For examples of his writing and doodles, visit, and to see his work as a reviewer of board games, which is too a real job, visit The Games Shopper.
He also hosts a second podcast called The Fringe Scholars where he allows a man in a beard to talk about wrestling every month.


Picture of Taylor by Moss

Taylor Arseneault works for a secret branch of the Canadian government that cannot be discussed here. But she has a badge in a cool little flippie wallet, although I don’t think she’s allowed to take it out of the house or display it in public. Her artistic credits include knitting one scarf, felting a bowl (made a better frisbee in the end), and keeping all of her food neatly separated on her plate. This is her first podcast/time speaking in public since she was in the chorus in Grade 10 musical theatre.

You can contact the hosts through makeitpodcast at gmail dot com
Or through their Twitter or Facebook pages


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